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Samantha Williams was given her first camera on her 21st Birthday 1989.

She became a passionate photographer in the days of the Acid House Era and the youth culture of yesteryear.


 Her 35mm camera accompanied her to most parties she went to. Within this book you can see how she captured a personal insight and an unbiased, uncensored account of the musical revolution back in 1989. Her photos were collecting dust underneath her bed for nearly 20 years, so she decided to dust them off and share them with the world.

www.ravereunited.co.uk which started in 2008, created a mass of interest which prompted her to compile this book to showcase her images.


Paperback: 163 pages

Publisher: Samantha Williams; Revised edition edition (31 July 2011)

ISBN-10: 0956575129

ISBN-13: 978-0956575128

Product Dimensions: 25.2 x 20.2 x 1.2 cm



Here is another book I have just read that I can highly recommend. Happydaze is a pictorial delight filled with wonderful images from photographer Sam Williams of the underground party scene from 1989 to early 90s that she closely followed. This steps up a gear from the Ravin 89 book I picked up last year, as it not only beautifully captures the moments in time delivering excellent photographic content , but also there is plenty of text to read of stories from the memories of party goers who were part of one the most important youth and musical culture movements in the last 25 years. What I really loved  is at last someone has produced a book on the party scene that was not City Centric, yes there was life outside of London and Manchester. Ok there are reference to London clubs, but many images of the parties are from outside of the metropolis, Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Somerset, Avon, following the important free party sound systems that held legendary parties throughout the UK, a scene that I hold close to my heart.

TIMS LINK > http://www.theacidhouse.com/



It’s great looking at pictures from your rave-past, great to make a personal album with flyers and stories. Sam runs RaveReunited.co.uk and this is her time capsule, mostly of the early ’90s free parties. It's zigzaggy jpegs, and acres of average snaps. But though the images are flat the moments are timeless, and hey, isn’t that what it was all about?



Sam, finally got hold of the copy the Mrs bought me for my birthday the other day. I've got to say an excellent read and I would say one of the best books I've seen about the rave scene. Some fantastic original photo's and great memories etc. Well done!



Sam Williams has been one of those people that have beeninstrumental in keeping the memories of the acid house/old skool era alive. She runs her own website Ravereunited and also heads up the Radioactive FM online station that has been pushing all sorts of buried old skool treasures through a host of DJs spanning the globe.

Her latest venture is Happdaze, a coffee table book that hosts the best of her photographic work from the '88 to '94 period. The thought provoking images are backed up by snippets of text from ravers that were there at the time and the whole package is one of the best photojournalistic memoirs to date. Here is a little insight into the book and how it came about....

Tell us about your journey into the rave scene...

For me it was a mutual feeling amongst all of my friends and acquaintances. One minute we were nearing the end of the eighties and then bang! After a decade of the new romantic and early electronic era, we were given this new music which just blew us a way. We all fell in love with it and found ourselves doing almost anything to hear it. The rest is history.tly, but not all the time. Photography was an expensive hobby 20 years ago and I only used to be able to afford to take a couple of films to events, which made me very thrifty with my shots, all 72 of 'em (featured in the book anyway). Nowadays I think nothing of taking an average of 500 shots at an event as it's all digital. I guess you could say that I had to think more about my shots back then.

Did you study photography or was it just a hobby?
I was always fascinated by photography and old photos right from being a young child and loved looking at photographs. I never actually owned my own camera until I was 21 (the summer of 1989) and from that moment that was it. I love shooting social situations when mostly the crowd / people / person are unaware. I am mainly self taught and I learnt as I went along. I did a few classes and courses and have worked with several photographers over the years, but really I prefer to work alone. 
This book has been a special journey for you. Tell us a bit about what inspired you to write it and how it feels now to finally have it in hard copy...
After losing my late partner Andy Williams I sat there one day thinking "what have I got to offer the world apart from my humanity and my compassion?" It felt like all I had was my box of old photos. This got me thinking, and with that I created my own website, initially to just get the images out there and see what kind of feedback I got. 
Thankfully it was good and not long after I thought it only right to put all of my images together and showcase them in a book which I have dedicated to Andy. The concept has taken nearly two years to compile and publish and it's been a journey for sure, but wholly worthwhile. Now I can just sit back and hope people enjoy the book.
You also run Rave Reunited and Radioactive FM online. What with that and the live gigs you promote, you must be pretty busy? How did you find the time to write it?
I had to find time and my inspiration came in fits and starts really. I had to feel in the zone to write it but I knew I couldn't give up and would finish it some day. I seem to be one of those people that if I haven't got a project to do then I feel hopeless, I thrive on being busy. I am never bored put it that way!

MIXMAG REVIEW - August 2010 issue  - page 30 top left VIP section 
"Like Neville & Gavin Watsons Raving 89' this collection of pictures and memories by Samantha Williams (who set up the www.ravereunited.com website) is chock full of proto rave nostalgia"

This is a (must have purchase) for anyone who was there back in the day !
I have read a few books relating to the Acid House / Rave days but this really is the best by far. Its a real trip down memory lane packed with hundreds of photographs, some of the best and famous flyers witch we had once blue tacked to our bedroom walls.
Also has indIvidual storys that really take you back, and for anyone who has a passion for the old tunes we used to dance to, the author has listed the names / artists, so you can track them down on u,tube LOVE IT, 


Just wanna say that I think the book is out of this world. Big love to everyone who contributed to it and biggest love in the world to Sam!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

.........This book is simply out of this world!!!! The photos bring you back to those very special places and the stories are real and from the heart! Magical!!!! Love it!!! Thank you Sam! xxx



Sammy sat in da garden last night built meself a large biffta and looked over the book unbelivable honey gave me goose bumps, its amazing who you can find in that book and faces you 4get about also love the comment re: ( wat do you no man ) C.F about the fashion police and the double denim also jan is sporting a great depeche mode haircut in one of the photos LMAO AGAIN & AGAIN you did us proud honey keep up the good work luv ya marc DJ.MJ

 Your photographs are fantastic - no book I know has such a wealth of original photography and your photos have an observational quality which is perfect for the book. The black and white photographs are particularly stunning. Love the photo of the guy on the bike on page 27 and the picture on page 77 but I think the photo you chose for the cover was a brilliant choice.
I was also pleasantly surprised by the professional look of the book and the layout. The quotes you have at the end of the book where a real joy to read and actually made me want to read the book again straight away.
When I was at university I realised it was very easy to criticize. Looking deep and trying to find positives are much more beneficial. It would be difficult for me to critisize your book in any way but as you asked the only thing I would have changed was the underdevleped photos on page 68. Now that I have looked at them again though they don't look half as bad!

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